Shipments, deliveries and returns

Sending orders:

Orders are dispatched between 1 and 2 days after payment confirmation.
They can be sent via CTT or by another company to the customer's choice. The charges
the customer unless the parties are agreed. Any of the
shipments made will be monitored by the customer by tracking link of the company
Chosen. If the customer chooses to place several orders, we advise you to try
place a single order with all the items you want to pay for
a less shipping value.


We deliver to the greater Lisbon and surrounding areas, but if your address is too
outside this area, you can choose to pay a travel amount for a vehicle of ours,
or shipping of the goods via CTT or the like.

Returns / Exchanges :

Exchanges and Returns (Online Purchases)

The Customer may, within 14 days,upon receipt of the product, proceed


Within the same period, the Customer may make a complaint of any parts

departures or poor state of conservation.

Complaints should be sent to PCBestvia e-mail to the

address In the complaint, the Customer shall explain the

situation, always mentioning the order number. PCBest

inform the Customer of how he/she should return the

goods, assuming the Customer the return costs and the costs of

a new delivery.

The transportation for the return is the sole responsibility of the Customer, the

PCBest advises sending returns by registered mail, and

is not liable for loss or damage caused in the carriage of the

returned material, and the exchange or return may not be made in these


Never send products to PCBest,without the prior consent,

material without return authorization will not be received in any case.

Orders returned to collection will not be accepted.

Conditions for the exchange and return of New items:

The product should be in the NOVO state,just as it received it

(in a position to be sold in the new state to another Customer)

packed properly.

Have approval and authorization by PCBest.

In the event that the receiving product shows signs of damage caused by

misassembly or use (falls, humidity ..) the Customer will be contacted, a

return of the product cannot be accepted.

Returns of:

Products with poorly packaged packaging or signs of use or assembly.

Supply of goods or services, the price of which depends on

fluctuations in financial market rates.

Supply of goods made according to the specifications of the

customer or manifestly personalized or that, by their nature, does not

may be resubmitted or are likely to deteriorate or perish


You must send us the item properly packed, with packaging

original, to the address of the office.

After receiving the return, by our services PCBest:

(a) a technical check of the state of the product shall be carried out, such as the

verification of compliance with the conditions described above.

b) If everything is in conformity, it will be issued and sent to your address or

e-mail address, a credit note of the corresponding amount.

You can choose to refund the value of your order:

You can choose to use the amount on credit on upcoming orders.

In this case, it is sufficient that in any subsequent order, indicate that you want to

de-account credit.

If the Customer chooses a refund, the same will be done by PCBest between

03-05 days after receipt of the NIB indicated by the Client.

Returns are only made by bank transfer.

The refund will refer only to the value of the returned item. Expenses

are NOT refundable.

Some items are covered by the manufacturer's warranty and therefore in the event of

defect, should be sent to PCBest.

Damaged Order Receipt.

All items are packed at PCBest with the utmost care and will

protected from the inside with cardboard plates, thus obtaining a

economic and quality. All orders are posted to

the case of loss or theft during transport.

If your order arrives damaged you should contact us immediately

by e-mail: and a maximum within the 24 hours that follow

delivery, giving maximum details, after this period we do not receive

deliver complaints.