In the market since 2007,and always in the field of information technology we aim to meet the needs of our customers quickly and at the lowest possible cost. Our company is in the market to meet the needs of our customers in a personalized and efficient way because if we want to achieve our goals, we believe that we have to do it together with a work of excellence.
Our company repairs, sells and assembles the most diverse equipment from computers, printers, tablets, and televisions to the assembly of home or business networks, we also work with maintenance contracts based on time packages so that the customer or company whenever you need to have the service as soon as possible. We intend through a solid work to be able to expand our company always with the same quality and honesty that is already our brand. We strive for the use and sale of the best equipment today and at the best prices.
Based in Algés we are able to clarify any questions that may arise and to perform any work in the best possible way.

Come and meet us, your visit will always be welcome.

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