The warranty period for equipment

All materials are guaranteed 24 months.


Used Material - from 1 month (one month) to 6 months depending on the product

Keyboard stickers and keyboard keys - Not guaranteed

Warranty covers:

Manufacturing defects

The warranty does not cover:

Wear, poor installation/assembly/use (installation/assembly is of the

buyer's responsibility).

The warranty period is indicated on the warranty sheet, which is

shipped along with the purchased material.

All products sold by PCBest are properly labeled.

Products automatically lose warranty if the label is

removed or damaged

Breakdowns within the Warranty period.

In case of malfunction within the warranty period, you should contact PCBest

by e-mail: or go to one of our stores in Lisbon.

The assistance service can be done:

1) through PCBest's services or

2) by the technical service of the equipment manufacturer.

Never send products to PCBest without prior agreement, as they will not be

under no circumstances received.

Orders returned to collection will not be accepted.

Warranty Procedures made by PCBest

- Request approval by e-mail:

- Send the goods well packed, with the warranty sheet or copy

invoice to the office address, the customer pays the cost of the


- The goods after receipt will be checked to confirm the breakdown,

your equipment will be forwarded to the official service centre of the

respective manufacturer.

Regardless of whether the equipment is guaranteed or not, where this

received for repair and no malfunction is found, or that

this has been caused by misuse (signs of damage caused by

for poor assembly or use, falls, humidity ..), a fee will be charged for

cover the costs of diagnosis(25.00€ + VAT)and re-sending to the customer.

Once ready, your equipment can be lifted in our

office or sent via CTT to your address at no charge to


We are not responsible for the equipment not lifted after 06 months

(sixmonths)of its repair; after this period, the equipment will be

abandoned and delivered to a recycling centre.